Muscle and Joint Pain relief

I love doTERRA’s MJ Assist for muscle aches and pains. I have taken the little capsules every once in a while for aches that I felt need more than a topical essential oil. On Thanksgiving my mom was hobbling around because her arthritic knees were “acting up”. I don’t know what “acting up” means but I know what it looks like. It looks painful and frustrating. Anyways, I gave her a MJ Assist to try. She called me the next day after shopping black Friday deals all morning. She had not taken one main medication since the MJ Assist. She was so impressed!

My mom always tries the essential oil or product that I give her but it is always with a non-believing attitude. Its so weird because every time she calls me the next day and wants me to order her more. I love it. The oils work not because you BELIEVE they work but because they REALLY DO work.


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